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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

If it wasn’t for Tino, there might not be a Warren.

Salad Oil King, Tino De Angelis, and zillionaire Warren Buffet, pose in their offices respective offices. Most everybody agrees Warren Buffet is the world’s most intelligent and successful investor. Ironically, the source of Buffet’s initial fortune was compliments of a high-school drop-out, Anthony “Tino” DeAngelis, nicknamed the SALAD OIL KING. As... Learn More

DATE: Jun.05.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

The man who changed my world view, forever.

Lt. Gregory Gagarin, 1943; Awards, 2013; Legacy, 2017. Late last Fall I completed my tenth book, Project Zebra. Roosevelt and Stalin’s Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Soviet Airman in America. The book took three years to recreate with the help of my knowledgeable collaborator, Gregory Gagarin, 96. He was the mission’s last living survivor... Learn More

DATE: Apr.20.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books

The Russians are coming!
The Russians are coming!

Right or wrong, Americans have been obsessed with Russia as ‘the adversary” for all of my adult life, and then some. In that spirit, I offer a few actual facts. • Did you know, in 1944 during the Dewey-Roosevelt Presidential election, Dewy rang on the platform that said he would rid America... Learn More

CNN, New York Times, Hollywood Studios, TV Networks, the Senate, and Congress, in COLLUSION!

Russia Bashing Now America's Most Popular Sport! Interesting, outside the limelight, with no political agendas, two men-- one Russian, one American-- tell the largely unknown story of a remarkable 19-year old woman's accomplishments, against all odds, in a male-dominated society.   How did they do that? They decided to trust each other...without reservation. If you care about such matters, the following... Learn More

Only in America

Part 1. Street-savvy, scam artist bilks the American public for $13 billion. Defense plea, “Sorry, about that.” Judge reduces sentence to 7 years. High school dropout, Tino DeAngelis, explains to Federal officials that he was one of the “good guys” who donated generously to Catholic Charities, Boys Club of America, and other local causes with... Learn More

Men will be men!

For one moment-in-time, a group of Russians and Americans worked and played together in America The mission of the Top-Secret Project Zebra mission was simple. Make 185 of the largest custom warplanes for Russia in Philadelphia. And have an elite group of US Naval pilots train 330 Russian aces and their crews... Learn More

My collaborator, Greg Gagarin, the last living Zebra, greets father time with a smile and a bourbon.

June 1945 (l). My collaborator on Project Zebra, the young American naval officer, Gregory Gagarin, 22, with a fluency in Russian and a family genealogy that gathered respect in da Rodina (Russia). October 2017 (r). A smiling Greg, age 96, and now blind, shares a moment with wife Anne and daughter Katharine. I... Learn More

A hell of a lot can happen, and not happen, in 73 years.

June 1944 (l). American and Russian allies pose for a picture at Wilbur & Wright Memorial in North Carolina during top-secret Project Zebra. October 2017 (r). Project Zebra author, M.G. Crisci (me), poses for a picture at the same Wilbur & Wright Memorial in North Carolina. There once were two countries (America... Learn More

DATE: Jan.08.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books

Thank you, Elizabeth City.
Thank you kindly.

Project Zebra was scheduled to be released on November, maybe catching the holiday gift-giving season. Although with all this anti-Russian collusion stuff, who knows. Anyway, Elizabeth City Mayor, a big fan of my project, called me in early September to invite me to the City’s twenty-first annual Ghost Walk in mid-October. The city,... Learn More

DATE: Dec.11.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books

How a high school dropout
$cammed American Express
out of millions

Sometimes things are so incredulous that they have to be called a novel, inspired by or based on true events. So was the case with my latest crime thriller, The Salad Oil King. The protagonist, Alfonso “Fonso” Gravenese was fashioned after a man who did the unthinkable before the Internet came along. Life... Learn More

DATE: Nov.27.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books