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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

“I’m not afraid of dying. I’ve been close so many times.”

  For whatever reason, God selected a humble, ordinary man named Arthur Mercado—known simply as Papa Cado by his grandchildren—to take an extraordinary roller-coaster ride through a life filled with “little” tests. When the dust settled, Arthur had 51 heart procedures, 32 stents, 36 cancer treatments, a five-bypass, 2 outer-body experiences, and advanced Parkinson's,... Learn More

DATE: Jan.21.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books

Tech giant, Apple, decides to become “Big Brother.”

Refuses to stock critically-acclaimed, witty new satire called Donny and Vladdy.Amazon Books disagrees.   God knows we live in controversial times!  There has been a lot of back and forth about the liberally-biased media (The New York Times, CNN et al) shaping the narrative as they see fit.  And, major social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook... Learn More

DATE: Jan.14.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books

A bittersweet love story about how success disrupted soulmates

  An 8-year-old boy named Charlie and a little girl named Fanny become best friends. As teenagers, friendship turned to love. By the age of 20, they were one: soulmates, sharing dreams of a  perfect marriage and his musical success. Charlie musical gifts brought him early fame as a radio and recording star. Ironically,... Learn More

DATE: Jan.14.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books

A daring teenage girl becomes Hitler’s worst nightmare.

11-year Lilia Litvyak becomes fascinated with flight as she reads about the Wright Brothers. Tragedy strikes when her father is unjustly executed as an enemy of the state. Six years later, Hitler brutally invades Russia. The supremely self-confident yet conflicted 17-year-old Lilia realizes she must use now substantial flying skills to defend her... Learn More

DATE: Jan.07.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books

Top-secret Project Zebra: One of the greatest untold stories from World War II

Project Zebra was the brainchild of Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. And, it would be the only time in history Soviet airmen were trained in America by Americans to fly American built aircraft. During the course of the 24-month mission, 185 huge, state-of-the-art amphibious warplanes, hand painted with Red Army stars, were built in... Learn More

DATE: Dec.31.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books

Make all your aches and pains go away!
Take an extraordinary journey through life with an ordinary man.

A humble man known simply as Papa Cado by his grandchildren handled all of God's little tests—40+ heart procedures, a five-by-pass, 30+ radiation treatments, Stage Four Parkinson’s and more, with grace, dignity, wit, and grit. His life—delivered in his own words—is a collection of life lessons that will inspire every reader to make... Learn More

DATE: Nov.01.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

This humble, ordinary man changed my life forever.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Atrial fibrillation, which means an irregular, racing heart. My doctor was confident my A-fib could be managed with a few meds and a visit to the Scripps Healthy Heart Program which would offer practical lifestyle changes to avoid a stroke. I figured... Learn More

DATE: Nov.01.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books

You are looking at one of the most unique historical pictures in the world!

The only known picture of Russian soldiers hoisting the American flag on American soil. Circa May 9, 1945. Elizabeth City, NC. Think about the endless anti-Russian tirades in today’s electronic and print media; the collusion with and the manipulation by the evil Red Machine. Now imagine this… Once upon a time, America and Russia were... Learn More

DATE: Oct.17.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books

America secretly trains Russian Air Force to fly deadly, American-built warplanes…in North Carolina!

Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin conceived Project Zebra mission in Tehran, Iran Sound impossible, given today’s headlines? Well, not only did the top-secret mission Project Zebra actually happen, but it remained classified until December 31, 2012, thanks to Harry Truman’s insistence the world should never know about “Roosevelt’s collaboration with the devil.” During the early... Learn More

DATE: Oct.10.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books

“One of the last great untold stories of WW2.”

-American Russian Cultural Foundation March 1943. The first Soviet Zebras and their American training counterparts on the tarmac in Elizabeth City, NC For 19 months during World War II, President Roosevelt and Premier Stalin did the inconceivable! They authorized a little-known mission called Project Zebra, which was finally declassified in 2013, making it... Learn More

DATE: Oct.03.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books