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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

Top Secret Mission Recently Declassified: Project Zebra

There is still buried treasure out there, and there are still buried, top secret WWII missions just recently declassified, like Project Zebra. Get ready for an amazing, largely forgotten top secret story in which the military of the United States and Russia worked side by side on the entire project, which was carried... Learn More

A Wise Man and A Wiseguy: The Tale of Two Books

What could an unassuming middle-aged man and an unscrupulous, big-time scam artist have in common? The answer to that question is actually about 12 years old. I discovered I have a knack for running into compelling real-life characters and their stories. I’ve also discovered many of these memorable characters could be the... Learn More

DATE: Sep.18.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

The Story of M.G. Crisci Before Writing, and His Beginnings As An Author

This blog begins a series of interviews with the prolific and interesting author, M.G. Crisci, the first of which will delve into his youth and earlier professional years, and what his motivation was to author his first book. M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 10 books based on true stories or real... Learn More

DATE: Sep.18.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

Thanks for the Reviews on Salad Oil King

  As Kurt Vonnegut said, a “writer writes for an audience of one.” I agree. That’s how I select my topics, craft my chapters, and select my tone and manner for each work. After 15 years and 10 books, I’m satisfied with my library. But, it’s always nice to hear from readers. So,... Learn More

DATE: Aug.04.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books

U.S. Media Makes Russian Secret Preference for Trump Sound Like a Media Scoop

FACT BUSTER#1. The Russian preference is not part of some clandestine mission to overthrow the American government. Have you ever seen this picture posted in American newspapers? It’s commonly available all over Russia and Europe—note the Reuters picture attribution in lower left. By the way, the people in the pictures are... Learn More

DATE: Mar.11.2017 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

It’s a Mad Mad Mad World! Thank you, Wells Fargo.

SUPPOSE I told you I was an “acknowledged” VIP Wells Fargo customer? SUPPOSE I told you I just closed a small Wells Fargo savings account to eliminate a monthly service charge that made no sense given the above? SUPPOSE I told you Wells Fargo made an egregious mathematical error and decided to refund me... Learn More

DATE: Nov.22.2016 | CATEGORY: My Life

The San Francisco Book Review calls my latest book, “A classic American crime story spun by a Master Storyteller”

How could an unassuming man with thick horn-rimmed glasses and rumpled suits outwit the Commodities Market and the New York Stock Exchange? How could a high school dropout orchestrate a $10 billion scandal — then disappear into thin air? My new book, The Salad Oil King. An American Tale of Greed Gone Mad.,... Learn More

DATE: Oct.07.2016 | CATEGORY: My Books

Russia AND America! Time for both of us to grow up?

Quite simply, I am a proud American with no Russian ancestry. I am both a product of the Cold War, and one, who in later life, has traveled to the land of the Midnight Sun on numerous occasions, and written two books about Russia, its culture, its way of life, and its... Learn More

DATE: Dec.03.2015 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

What Putin “Really Said” on CBS 60 Minutes

I’m an intellectually curious businessman turned author, who like most native born Americans, carries a ton of Cold War baggage, which has been shaped by the media, by politicians, by Hollywood and our television shows. Did you know almost 35% of tinsel town’s best selling movies of all time feature a... Learn More

DATE: Dec.03.2015 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

Mary Jackson Peale gets glowing review from award-winning Russian director and writer

"I was really impressed by M.G. Crisci’s novel "Rise and fall of Mary Jackson Peale". It’s extremely entertaining and useful at the same time. M.G.Crisci found the perfect combination of intriguing documentary facts and his own fictional imagination. It’s pretty rare when the writer can delicately combine these two elements in a... Learn More

DATE: Sep.17.2015 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

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