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Salad Oil King financial scams. Rip-off # 67.
How to steal $13 billion, get a 7-year sentence with two years off for good behavior.

The many white-collar scams of Alfonso “Fonso” Gravenese finally brought him to his knees. He hired the best lawyers money could buy, and built a simple defense.

“Sorry about that judge. You got me.” Since nobody could prove that any of the people that disappeared on his rise to the top, and his fall to the bottom, had been murdered and such, the judge gave Tino a 7-year jail term.

While in jail, he convinced the warden to let him teach Bible Class. He wound up with two years off for good behavior. After his release, he made just one phone call to an old friend. Then he and an estimated $600 million dollars just disappeared. It’s 56 years later, and nobody seems to know nothing about anything.

The Salad Oil King is the remarkable story—based on a true story—of how a streetwise, unscrupulous high school dropout eventually bilked the American government out of $13 billion before anyone even noticed. It is a classic American crime story of greed gone mad.

DATE: May.27.2020 | CATEGORY: True Crime