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“ My goal is to capture the unique spirit and DNA that resides in every real New Yorker.” - M.G. Crisci

Only In New York Vol. 2


Among these 37 unforgettable short stories, you will learn how a school's Mascot Ram was accidentally murdered and Why Chiquita Bananas CEO jumped out a 44th Floor window on Park Avenue, .

You'll also discover how a stoned Neil Young performed in Milwaukee, Joan Rivers set up her husband at the Four Seasons Restaurant, and a group of multi-millionaires consumed a prodigious amount of high-fat Jewish comfort food at a landmark restaurant in a Bowery basement.

These are poignant, entertaining, and powerful stories about a Manhattan that is almost gone. Chronicled by a native New Yorker, with 37 original illustrations, Only in New York Vol 1 and 2, are must reads.


“Brilliantly entertaining. Every one of the 37 true stories display this Manhattan author's keen powers of observation. No celebrity too big, no ordinary human features and petty foibles too insignificant to be overlooked.”
- Independent Book Review. Recommended Selection

“OINY 2 is like sitting down with an old friend and reminiscing about the old days as the city pulses with life as the reader encounters colorful characters and experiences that are especially unique to life in New York.”
- International Review of Books. Gold Medal Winner

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