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“ When the guy behind the counter hands you a bialy with cream cheese and says ‘have a nice day’ you immediately become suspicious.” - New York Working Stiff

Only In New York


Among these 36 unforgettable short stories, you will learn how to buy fireworks in the back-alleys of Chinatown from Yong Wo, how the author met Mafia boss, John Gotti, enjoying a 2” prime steak at his favorite restaurant before he had his guest whacked.

Read about how Rosie, a sassy Puerto Rican waitress, served greasy bologna omelets to two filthy-rich garment salesmen haggling over bolts of fabric and hear Bennett, a retired judge, reminisce about his wife on Pippen Court, a 200-year old patch of Federalist Houses, now surrounded by midtown skyscrapers.

These are powerful stories of a Manhattan that is almost gone. If you want to really know New York, you really must read this book.


“A thoroughly captivating and entertaining collection of stories about the real New York.”
- International Review of Books

“You’ll turn every page with a smile on your face.”
- San Francisco Book Review

“Engaging snapshots of a life lived across New York City by a born-and-raised New Yorker.”
- Manhattan Book Review

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