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“ The more things change, the more they stay the same.” - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849

Mrs. Banker - No Ceilings. No Rules. No Judgements.


New York: 1960s – 70s. A tenacious young woman from middle-class Pittsburgh becomes the most influential female banker in New York.

Her credo? No Ceilings. No Rules. No Judgements.

Along the way, she overcomes systemic male prejudices, a promiscuous, bi-sexual husband, and her own ill-conceived affair with a married man.

Complex female character study with a thought-provoking ending.


Crisci has given a powerful story about a powerful woman. Set in the 70's, Mrs. Banker truly captures the air of the time, cut-throat, sensuous, and volatile, all at once.
- Manhattan Book Review

A thriller for the ages. Mrs. Banker is a slow-burn that follows a determined woman who weaves her way through a male-dominated corporate world while facing personal hurdles that include a bisexual husband, and several other indiscretions. Readers will root for her from beginning to its whirlwind end.
- San Francisco Literary Magazine

An outstanding plot, interesting and believable characters, and enough twists and turns to make each page compelling. A definite a five-star read with a final twist that will leave you wondering what will be.
- International Review of Books

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