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“ My greatest fear is when this madness ends, I’ll be tossed into some gravesite somewhere, and classified as missing in action.” - Lt. Lilia Litvyak, Age 21

Call Sign, White Lily


The year is 1941. Hitler ruthlessly invades Russia, destroying more than 70 percent of the country's infrastructure and air force.

A determined, patriotic 18-year-old schoolgirl, Lilia Litvyak, demonstrates her daring flying skills to the male-dominated Soviet high command. Reluctantly, she is assigned to an elite all-male squadron, making her the first female-fighter-pilot in the history of the world.
By age 21, Lilia completes 268 missions and records 15 solo kills and 22 assists, records which stand to this day.

Tragically, at 22, she is fatally wounded by a squad of Nazi planes in the desolate woods of Eastern Ukraine and lost in time for six decades.

Despite the pain and suffering of battle, in her spare moments, Lilia laughed, read poetry, and fell madly in love with her soulmate, the dashing ace, Captain Alexei Solomatin, who ultimately perished before her eyes.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in epic stories of women’s empowerment. (contains 100+ rare photographs)


This book deserves a special place among all the books and stories told about World War II.
- Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, RU

A heroic woman’s story of courage, skill, and love of country that remains terribly relevant 75 years later.
- Radio Free Europe Foundation, Washington D.C.

Epic and intimate. Tragic and Inspirational. Simply a magnificent tale.
- Eurasia Center Worldwide

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