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A Globe-Spanning tale about Sexual Harassment

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The suspenseful book trailer for "Indiscretion".
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The suspenseful book trailer for "Indiscretion".
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“I felt, once finished, as though I had been able to take a sneak peek into the mind of someone else and experience a different reality than my own.”

– 4/5 stars, San Francisco Book Review. Read full review here.

A beautiful, cunning mid-level executive turns a ill-conceived office place dalliance into an opportunity to seek millions in hush money from her boss, his company and their liability insurer by playing the sexual harassment card. INDISCRETION is more than just an entertaining piece of literature. It is the story behind the story. Privileged client-attorney sessions. Board room struggles for power. The shattering of a Cinderella-like marital bond. Conflicted negotiations between vested parties to reach a “discreet, practical settlement.” In the end, it is difficult to distinguish between the winners and losers.

2nd Edition, 2013.

ISBN#: 978-0-9663360-7-8 (paperback), 978-0-9663360-6-1 (e-book)


“The protagonist in Indiscretion is a type-A businessman, who tells the reader in first person narrative his world view, although the reader soon realizes the plot, with its many twists and turns in an out of the corporate world, is just the backdrop for Ruff's struggling desire to emotionally connect with someone in the midst of family crisis. Crisci's deft handling of this untrustworthy narrator definitely roped me in. It's a fun, twisty mystery focused on an introspective, psychological character sketch.” - Heidi K., Literary Executive, San Francisco

“I must say I really liked the story and the writing style. Indiscretion was interesting and believable to me, even though I have no experience with the world of lawsuits! I also found the inter-office drama insightful, and would be even more so to anyone who has spent a few years in an office job. The choice of a first person voice for the central character, Martin Ruff, was superb. The properness of his voice felt terribly appropriate to his age and station in life.” - Holly S., Literary Editor, San Diego

“Indiscreton is an entertaining, often unbelievable, account of corporate politics and the cast of characters we often encounter in the average American company. Crisci's writing is frenetic and personal as he describes the usual unfortunate personas we see in today's politically correct work-place. The story is best when it describes the behind-the-scenes meetings that take place as the protagonist, Martin Ruff, is forced from his position. The family sub-plots are interesting too. The book is an interesting complimentary piece of corporate misadventure to Michael Crichton's Disclosure.”” - J.A., Boston, MA

“If you want a fun, twisty mystery for travel during the holidays, I highly suggest it. If you like a narrative that focuses on an introspective, psychological character sketch, I also suggest this novel. It will appeal to all types of readers. ” - 4 Star Rating, San Francisco Book Review

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