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“ I really made a stupid mistake. But, until she decided to leave, I had no idea how stupid. ” - Martin Ruff, Protagonist



A senior executive in an apparent storybook marriage flirts with a female executive in the same company.

After several romantic dinners, after-hour phone calls, and gifts willingly accepted, two very different realities unfold. The man believes he is well on the way to a consensual affair. The woman, under financial pressure from her needy daughter and ex-husband, a man with a drug dependency, envisions a large insurance payoff to silence her formal sexual harassment suit.

Soon, the harassment claim turns into a "she said-he said" survival of the fittest which the reader witnesses up-close and personal., through the words of the protagonist. In the end, there are surprising consequences for both the accuser and the accused, and unimaginable collateral damage to all the unwillingly participants drawn into the tawdry affair.


A captivating and addictive read that takes turns the reader can never expect. As entertaining as a Grisham legal thriller.

Illogical. Ironic. Indulgent. Introspective.
- San Francisco Book Review

A story filled with complex characters with complex motives and great chemistry that does not quite play out as expected. It’s entertaining and enjoyable, and thought-provoking.

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