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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

Project Zebra Diaries. Entry #34.
You are looking at one of the world’s most unique pictures.

(Circa 1945: Russian flying aces raise the Ameican Flag on Victory Day in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.) Given the endless anti-Russian tirades in the media about Russian election manipulation and Russian collusion, it’s hard to imagine they sacrificed over 30 million citizens and soldiers while having our back against Hilter’s ground advances. Imagine a... Learn More

DATE: Aug.12.2019 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII

Summit #6:
Donny and Vladdy discuss American creativity.

Vladdy is fascinated by America’s historical ability to blend creativity and capitalism to maintain a robust economy. His goal is simple: to determine what Google innovations could apply to Russia’s brand of Social Democracy. Donny decides the best way to demonstrate American creative exceptionalism is to sit a holographic rowboat in a Google... Learn More

DATE: Aug.12.2019 | CATEGORY: Humor/Wit

Project Zebra Dairies. Entry #23.
Russian commander expresses everlasting appreciation to America.

(Circa 1943: Russian Zebra Commander Maxim Chibisov’s US Navy identification card.) In 1943, a decorated Russian commander arrived in America under cover of night to lead 300 fellow Soviet aces on a “once-in-lifetime” mission that had no blueprints. America had built 185 state-of-the-art amphibious warplanes that no Russian had ever seen, much... Learn More

DATE: Aug.05.2019 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII

Summit #5:
Donny and Vladdy discuss freedom of the press.

Vladdy proudly invites Donny to visit Russia Today’s news headquarters in the heart of Moscow’s financial district. Both men realize they love the use of technology to broadcast “honest news” instead of fake news. They also try to convince each other they are strong advocates of Freedom of the Press, although Donny mentions... Learn More

DATE: Aug.05.2019 | CATEGORY: Humor/Wit

Project Zebra Diaries. Entry #7.
The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

(Circa 1944. Russian and American pilots take a break from the war on a hill near Project Zebra headquarters in Elizabeth City.) Harry Truman refused to let the story of Project Zebra become public. He detested Stalin and everything Russian. But a young U.S. Navy Lieutenant by the name of Gregory Gargarin (second... Learn More

DATE: Jul.31.2019 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII

Project Zebra Diaries. Entry #13.
Russians pilots make surprise visit to Orville and Wilbur Wright at Kitty Hawk

(circa 1944: Russian and American pilots take a break from the war at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.) Russians have been fascinated with flight since the Wright Brothers first took to the skies. In fact, the first Russian flyer, built in 1912, was based on Wright Brother designs By the 1930s, Russian obsession with flight... Learn More

DATE: Jul.29.2019 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII

Summit #1:
Donny and Vladdy discuss the importance of mutual trust.

Donny and Vladdy Putin hold their first get-to-know-you meeting at a private breakfast in the Kremlin grand dining room, insulated from family, friends, advisors, and the media. It becomes quickly apparently both men share commonalities: their love of opulent rooms with lots of gold décor and indulgent foods like smoked whitefish and... Learn More

DATE: Jul.29.2019 | CATEGORY: Humor/Wit

Summit #3:
Donny and Vladdy discuss nuclear arms reductions.

Imagine Donny and Vladdy sitting on the runway in chilly Nome, Alaska, aboard Vladdy’s Air Force One, nicknamed The Flying Palace because of its garish display of antique tapestries and a for-presidents-only bathroom splattered with gold accents? Imagine the two emerging friends negotiating a nuclear arms reduction agreement to replace the... Learn More

DATE: Jul.25.2019 | CATEGORY: Humor/Wit

“Ranks among the greatest books and stories about
World War II”

-Boris Sapunov, PhD., Hermitage Museum   One of the world’s great museums acknowledges the cultural importance of the groundbreaking book about the life and times of Russia’s greatest female flying hero. Ten years ago, I visited a little-known traveling exhibition called World War II though Russian Eyes, at a museum in San Diego,... Learn More

DATE: Jun.03.2019 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII

What do The Salad Oil King and Warren Buffet have in common?

Tino De Angelis (l) , AKA The Salad Oil King and zillionaire Warren Buffet (r) in their respective offices. THE ANSWER? They both made a killing with The American Express Company. But there was a DIFFERENCE… Tino built a $13 billion pre-internet scam that brought down two blueblood brokerages and halted trading on the... Learn More

DATE: May.06.2019 | CATEGORY: True Crime