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Donny and Vladdy


Politically incorrect, curiously candid conversations between the world's two most controversial leaders. 

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Imagine Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin holding a series of politically-incorrect, secret meetings, absent of cumbersome staff, unqualified translators, superfluous press conferences, and the FBI and KGB.

Imagine the men sharing a Papa John’s pepperoni pizza with extra cheese as they negotiate nuclear arms reductions on Putin’s presidential plane, idling on an isolated Alaskan runway.

Imagine a JELL-O factory production floor in Indianapolis where Trump “guarantees” Putin’s legacy if Russia transitions from state-dominated economic socialism to American free-market capitalism.

Imagine a  total of 12 witty, wacky, curiously candid conversations held in surprising locations around the world from Trump’s opulent New York apartment and to the baggage terminal at the bomb-ridden Donetsk International Airport in Eastern Ukraine.

The Manhattan Book Review calls Donny and Vladdy, “Political satire at it’s very best.”


“A political satire of politics and "frienemies." A must-read that delves into the thoughts of two of the world's most interesting minds, with a chuckle mixed in.” - Manhattan Book Review,

“A hilarious, and surprisingly thoughtful political satire that captures the essence of two of the world's most noteworthy characters. Donny and Vladdy is like watching two bulls in a boxing ring.” - The International Review of Books,

“M.G. Crisci delivers the Trump vs. Putin play of personalities with wit, laughs and imagination!” - The Satirist: America's Most Critical Journal,

“ Donny and Vladdy is a sharp, funny, outrageous satire of Trump's America and Putin's Russia. M.G. Crisci is America's Dario Fo. ” - Seamus Moran                                                                        , Theatrical Director/Producer 

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