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“ Before we talk nuclear arms reductions, let’s eat. Got your favorite Papa John pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. ” - Vladimir Putin

Donny and Vladdy


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin plan 12 secret summits without the knowledge of the CIA, the KGB, their staff, translators, and the media. The goal? Solve all the major problems of the whole world.

Each man selects six topics at locations of their choice. Among the meetings: Putin requests American reductions in nuclear arms over a Papa John’s pepperoni pizza with double cheese on his opulent presidential plane and Trump guarantees a 200% increase in the Russian GNP at a JELL-O dessert factory if Putin follows Trump's vision of American Capitalism.

Despite their brusque, larger-than-life personalities and their political-incorrect behavior, the conversations turn curiously candid and surprisingly productive.

This book is a must-read for people who don’t take life too seriously. (Note: Not for the faint-hearted!)


Hilarious, thoughtful political satire captures the essence of two of the world’s most controversial figures. Like watching two bulls in a boxing ring.
- International Review of Books

A political satires about “frenemies” that delves into the minds of two of the world’s great characters, with a chuckle mixed in.
- Manhattan Book Review

Crisci delivers the Trump vs. Putin play of personalities with wit, laughs, and imagination.
- American Journal of Satire

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