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“ I did what I had to do to get to the top of the mountain. There I met the man of my dreams, and it was all downhill after that! ” - Mary Jackson Peale

Mary Jackson Peale


By 23, the razor-sharp Mary Jackson-Peale becomes one of the United Kingdom’s youngest, most influential media agents.

Soon, her reckless, experimental lifestyle causes her to become a felon-on-the-run from Scotland Yard after the involuntary manslaughter of her sex-craved boss.

Mary flees to New York City under an assumed name, falls in love with a handsome foreigner, unaware of her sordid past, and again becomes an insatiable power broker to the entertainment industry’s rich and famous.

Eventually, truth prevails, and Mary’s world collapses with a bang that can be heard all around the world.


Fantastic portrayal of a complicated, tortured character. A literary gem with a breath-taking ending.
- San Francisco Book Review

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