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“ Eyes that see my boundless energy,
Look beyond.
Senses that capture my vigor,
breathe deeply.” - M.G. Crisci

What a Wonderful World


One man lives seven decades, resides on three continents, visits 217 countries, and capture his life journey in 150+ breathtaking 4-color images, each telling a story that can be interpreted by the reader in a number of ways.

It’s a Wonderful Place is an award-winning, soul-searching work of photojournalism filled with unforgettable images catalogued by the colors of the rainbow.

Everything about Wonderful World has been developed by the author/creator to insure the reader discovers something new and exciting with each subsequent read. Regardless of whether it’s New Zealand, Australia, France, Egypt, Ireland, Argentina, the Caribbean, New York City, or other points of call.

“Captivating and life affirming. This is visual poetry that uplifts on every page,” Laurence O’Bryan, author.


An exquisite collection of photographs organized by the colors of a rainbow shows one man’s experiences as he has traveled for a lifetime. The smiles, vivid architecture, and natural beauty captured by these pictures are a once-in-a- lifetime experience. From California to Russia to France to Australia and so many more amazing geographical destinations, What A Wonderful World! will have readers of all ages in awe.
- Los Angeles Literary Review

M.G. Crisci’s work beautifully reflects the panoply of emotions associated with life on this extraordinary planet. Whether you’re an armchair traveler or a real-life globetrotter, Crisci’s photographs are sure to inspire and prompt deep reflection on all that is good in the world.
- Manhattan Book Review

What a Wonderful World is absolutely WONDERFUL. The photographs were not only beautiful, but each told its own type of story—and that story could be interpreted by the “reader” in a number of different ways. And the descriptive phrases related to each photograph only added to the allure and the overall effect. The experience is akin to walking through a museum filled with photographic treasures.

Gold Medal Winner

- International Review of Books

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