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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

Diary Entry #7 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
Jail Sucks. I made yet another mistake, and this time I hit rock bottom.

Under arrest and incarcerated in a cell is terrifying and undignified. It was THE worst night of my life. I’d always been a good girl, but I’d well and truly messed up, again. Life had declined, and my ex-husband and ex-friends continued to rub my nose in matters. Enter an unfortunate decision... Learn More

DATE: Oct.13.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Diary Entry #6 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
There’s No “Magic Bullet” for Depression.

Depression is something one can never truly understand unless you have experienced it first-hand. It’s like your soul is detached from your body, and you’re drifting from one day to the next. I felt a failure, but I wanted to be the old Vicki again. I wondered if she’d ever come back... Learn More

DATE: Oct.06.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Diary Entry #5 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
There’s a Fine Line Between Thinking About Suicide and Committing Suicide.

When your mind shatters, you’re no longer in control. Dark thoughts linger and hammer your head, demanding you deserve to be punished. I wanted out of my woeful life, and pills would end my troubles for good. Only, I realized too late that I’d made another terrible decision. Doctors hooked me up,... Learn More

DATE: Sep.29.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Diary Entry #4 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
I Found Out the Hard Way There is No Such Thing as a “Free Ride.”

I was reeling from my divorce and dissolved friendships. He was a millionaire with an offer I couldn’t refuse—a spectacular trip to the Caribbean business class. My parents said it was a bad idea. I said: “I’m a grown woman. I can make my own decisions.” They were right. Before long, the... Learn More

DATE: Sep.23.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Diary Entry #3 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
Fatboy42 was my tryst with infidelity until he dumped me and ordered me to throw my perfume in the dog poo bin. Wanker!

Loneliness messes with your mind and shatters your heart. Enter Fatboy42 with his wit and charm. I was naïve, mistook his flirting for friendship. I’m surprisingly dumb when it comes to men and their intentions. The compliments flowed; my heartfelt revived. I made a regrettable mistake, one that will haunt me forever.... Learn More

DATE: Sep.17.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Diary Entry #2 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
My storybook marriage left me “one wave” away from ending it all.

God, he was so handsome, kind, and gentle; he took my breath away. Suddenly we were this attractive, educated married couple with successful careers, and two beautiful children. Years passed. His business success grew; his travel became frequent. My career stumbled, and my insecurities ran rampant. Why did he always travel... Learn More

DATE: Sep.10.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Diary Entry #1 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
Life is so simple when you’re young—then you grow up!

I used to play beachball with Gramps on the beach during the British summers. He was my mentor, the guardian of my values, my emotional rock. He loved me without reservation, which always made me feel like Queen for a Day. I was his little angel and thought I would be forever.... Learn More

DATE: Sep.08.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

A decidedly controversial story about corporate harassment from the accused male’s point of view

  A seemingly happily-married, middle-aged international executive takes the helm of a testosterone-laden company for one more run at a $100 million payout. As the story progresses, there are boardroom power struggles, tawdry male-female behaviors, unscrupulous attorneys vying for harassment hush-money, family suicides, accidental deaths, and a host of other unpleasantries.In the end, there... Learn More

DATE: Feb.04.2019 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction

Self-indulgent power-broker takes a journey through the dark side of life

  By 23, the supremely confident Mary Jackson-Peale became one of the most influential theatrical agents on London's prestigious West Side. But her reckless, self-indulgent lifestyle betrayed those she loved and made her a felon on the run. To escape Scotland Yard, Mary fled to America with no money, no contacts, and the all-consuming... Learn More

DATE: Jan.28.2019 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction