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“ I hope Americans will one day understand things may not be as they appear, particularly when it comes to long-held Russian stereotypes.” - Sergei M., Tour Guide

7 Days in Russia


For as long as I can remember, this kid from Manhattan--with absolutely no Russian ancestry-- was told, "Russians are all spies," "Russians can't be trusted," "the problem is the Russian Government, the people are okay."

As a skeptical New Yorker, I've come to believe only what I see, not what I'm told. So decided to take my photojournalistic skills on an unescorted seven-day trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, arguably the historical and cultural heart and soul of Russia.

Despite what we've all been lead to believe--and at the risk of the FBI calling me a dual agent--Russia IS NOT a politically-repressed country of disgruntled people surviving on a daily diet of vodka and potatoes.

Russians are a proud, engaging, curious people, working their way through a complex cultural and economic transition. But don't take my word for it! Check it out for yourself. 7 Days in Russia contains 150+ surprising color photographs and uncensored comments from tons of ordinary Russian citizens and government officials.


“A mysterious country’s misunderstood mysteries demystified. Must read for anyone who wants to better understand Russia today.”
- Radio Free Europe Foundation

“Manhattan-born photojournalist with no Russian ancestry takes an entertaining and surprisingly candid journey to heart and soul of the New Russian Federation.”
- Voice of America

“Like a travel review from a friend filled with self-effacing Russians who make you feel like you’ve picked up a few new friends along the way.”
- CFBS, Quebec, Canada

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