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“ Amuse yourself. It’s mot important if people don’t find your jokes funny.” - Arthur “Papa Cado” Mercado

Wit and Wisdom for the Heart and Soul


Life was never that way for Arthur Mercado, a humble, ordinary man who survived an astounding 51 heart procedures, Stage 4 Parkinson’s, a few out-of-body experiences, and more.

He had the ability to use his gentle wit and uncanny wisdom to see humor, insight, and inspiration in life’s darkest moments.

Before he died, we agreed to capture some of his commonsense thoughts in an unassuming, but powerful little pocketbook written in Arthur’s unique voice. A book that readers could easily reread and/or pass on to friends who might be a little down.

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After reading this unassuming little book, you’ll wish Papa Cado had been your grandpa. Delightfully amusing, threaded with the scary but true facts of life. R.I.P. Papa Cado.
- San Francisco Book Review

Wise, pithy and profound. Life advice from a humble man who never lost his sense of humor and love of life despite the many challenges God sent his way.
- Manhattan Book Review

The title, Wit and Wisdom for the Heart and Soul, speaks volumes to anybody who needs a little inspiration in their life.
- International Review of Books

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