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Papa Cado


What An Ordinary Man Learned on His Extraordinary Journey Through Life

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A heartfelt book trailer for "Papa Cado", the remarkable story of one man who's beaten the odds.
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Video Trailer

A heartfelt book trailer for "Papa Cado", the remarkable story of one man who's beaten the odds.
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“Papa Cado is a fun, easy read that’s also intriguing and even a bit thought-provoking, without being preachy.”

– 5/5 stars, San Francisco Book Review. Read the full review.

Papa Cado is the always poignant, sometimes hilarious first-person account of one Arthur Mercado, who may hold the unofficial Guiness Book of Records for the most combined heart-procedures, 51, without actually dying.

The book traces Arthur’s extraordinary journey from the age of three to his recent receipt of a 15th coated stent. You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about quintiple by-passes, endacterectomies, strokes, out-of-body experiences, arterial blockages, radiation treatments, and miscellaneous chemotherapy cocktails.

You’ll also get to meet the family and friends who have cheered the determined spirit that has made him a loving husband, a proud grandfather, a gracious friend, and the dreaded arch-enemy of death. Perhaps most importantly, you will be exposed to Arthur’s unique brand of wisdom. A case in point: Arthur’s first out-of-body experience, “Knowing somebody died and came back to life makes people a lot friendlier.” And, then there is Arthur’s operating room philosophy, “If you just gotta have a few stents, surround yourself with beautiful nurses…it’s a lot more fun!”

Arthur’s cardiologist, Paul, says Arthur’s heart is strong enough to endure another 50 or so angioplasties without much concern. At his current surgical table repeat-rate to the surgical table that means Arthur should live a happy, full life for at least another 25 years.

A portion of book sales will go to the Papa Cado fund, a legacy Arthur would like to provide his four grandchilren, Savannah, Summer, Sierra and Serena, who long ago named their grandfather PaPa Cado.



“This story is an inspiration for anyone who has faced challenges in life. Arthur's positive attitude despite physical and other challenges demonstrates that an upbeat approach to life is truly a healing power. I would recommend this book to anyone who seeks an uplift in their daily life.” - Gloria F., Indianapolis, ID

“YES!!!! I love the book, it’s great! I love it!!! I love Susan’s letter to Arthur. It brought a tear to my eyes. Arthur is truly a miracle and been thru more than I could ever have ever imagined. It’s a great read! ” - Harry G., Portland, Oregon

“PAPA CADO provides positive testimony to man's unconquerable spirit and ability to face life on life's terms. Arthur's journey deserves a medal of honor. ” - Joseph R., Budapest, Hungry

“I read this book in 2 days, could not put it down! Such a touching story and so uplifting for anyone that is struggling with any health issues. Perhaps if everyone would have the courage to share their life like this, maybe we would all be more understanding of each other and kinder to each other. I've passed it on for my family to read.” - Julie E. , Los Angeles, CA

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed learning about PAPA CADO. I read it in a day...passed it on. I can't stop talking about it. I am circulating it...just like the library.” - Mary L., Michigan

“I really enjoyed this story. I think men need to read this story who think that their role in their children's lives are not important, and they walk away or give up making a difference due to issues with the mother. Thank you Mr. Mercado for sharing your family and your story with us all. I loved the part at the end with the letters. I did not have a dry eye when I was finished.” - Rhonda T., Irvine, CA

“This book was difficult to put down. The story is heartwarming, encouraging and challenging to the reader. I loved the lessons at the end of each chapter and especially loved the letters to PAPA CADO'S loved ones and their responses to PAPA CADO. It made me cry and fall in love with this honorable, generous and kind man.” - Robert M., San Diego, CA

“I just finished reading Papa Cado and tears of love are flowing down my cheeks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. It's 3 a.m. - I'm wide awake and my heart is open to the beauty of life. ” - Sandy L., New York, NY

“As soon as I saw the book and read the inside flap I, I had tears in my eyes. I looked at all the pictures and read bits here and there. I was especially moved by Matt's words and tribute to Arthur thru Carole King. I cried reading that. I bought it. Everybody should own this book for that inevitable rainy day.” - Sheri G., San Francisco

“I enjoyed the books subtle levels. The family stories, the father/daughter experiences, and, most of all, the life lessons. Every chapter revealed a new experience. Everything was to the point, never drawn out or boring. The pictures before each chapter were a nice touch as well.” - William B., Green Bay, WI

“Roasting pecans straight off the trees, having a white-faced capuchin monkey named Peppi as a pet, hunting with his pop…Arthur “Papa” Mercado’s childhood was sometimes a slice of pure Americana, and sometimes an unexpected adventure, but it was never boring! Biographies are hit-and-miss with me – sometimes I love ‘em and sometimes I hate ‘em. But I’m pleased to announce that I found //Papa Cado// to be a refreshingly honest read. I guarantee that that out of all of Arthur’s adventures, the number of medical procedures that he’s undergone is the least notable thing about him! Papa Cado is a fun, easy read that’s also intriguing and even a bit thought-provoking, without being preachy. ” - Heidi K., San Francisco Book Review

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