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“ I tell people to stop whining about the hand they’ve been dealt. There’s always somebody with more problems than you.” - Arthur “Papa Cado” Mercado

Papa Cado


God selected a humble, ordinary man named Arthur Mercado—known merely as Papa Cado by his four granddaughters--to take an extraordinary roller-coaster ride through a life filled with "little" tests.

When the dust settled, Arthur, known as Papa Cado had 51 heart procedures, 32 stents, 36 cancer treatments, a five-bypass, two out-of-body experiences, and advanced Parkinson's. I am happy to report Papa Cado passed every one of these tests with his trademark dignity, determination, and sense of humor, and the unshakable trust in the benevolence of God.

For whatever reason, Arthur, he granted me the extraordinary privilege of telling his true story in Arthur's words, in Arthur's way. He also gave me than 50 pictures that document his incredible journey from 3 to 72 years old, and final letters to and from the essential people in his life.

Papa Cado is more than just a one-of-a-kind book about overcoming obstacles. It is a celebration of pure joy every day holds for everyone, if only you reach out and take hold.


Witty. Intriguing. Thought-Provoking. Never Preachy.
- San Francisco Book Review

A lifetime of lessons learned, delivered with simple wit and dazzling honesty.
- Vistage International

Nearly impossible to put the book down. The protagonist's remarkable journey is proof positive that any obstacle can be overcome with supportive loved ones, grit, and a fiercely unique sense of humor.
- U.S. Review of Books

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