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“ Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you discover the abyss runs deeper.” - Vicki FitzGerald, Author, Protagonist

Still Standing


Vicki was 28 when her neat world crumbled. Her moral compass—beloved Gramps—died suddenly, leaving Vicki depressed and insecure. Despite a series of poor choices in men and life, by 24, Vicki had built a career as a noted crime reporter, wife, and mother.

But success led to disaster. Vicki’s perfect world crumbled with bitter family upheaval, leading to multiple suicide attempts. Now 38, Vicki lays her soul bare and shares the pivotal moments of her roller-coaster life: depression, grief, heartache, trauma, drugging, and suicide, truthfully, and candidly.

Her story is heartbreaking, inspiring, and unexpectedly witty.

Most of all, Still Standing is a remarkable story of resilience and survival – an honest portrayal of one woman’s life and her determination for a new beginning.


“In search of inspirational stories about mental health, depression, and strength? This memoir has got you covered--and then some. The surprising everyday anecdotes the co-author has actually lived sets this memoir apart. ”
- Independent Book Review

“Inspirational, candid, a riveting read. You’ll want to give Vicki a big hug at the end.”
- The International Review of Books

“Inspirational, candid, a riveting read. You’ll want to give Vicki a big hug at the end.”
- International Review of Books

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