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Diary Entry #2 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
My storybook marriage left me “one wave” away from ending it all.

God, he was so handsome, kind, and gentle; he took my breath away. Suddenly we were this attractive, educated married couple with successful careers, and two beautiful children. Years passed. His business success grew; his travel became frequent. My career stumbled, and my insecurities ran rampant. Why did he always travel on company business and socialize with other women? Why were the calls to home less frequent? Had I lost my sex appeal? My concerns gave rise to despair; my depression became unbearable. I made one stupid, regrettable mistake. That’s how I found myself alone at the beach in the darkness, one big wave from ending it all.

Still Standing Book Cover

Read Still Standing by Vicki Fitzgerald and M.G. Crisci, a remarkable story of resilience and survival, an honest portrayal of one woman’s life, and her determination for a new beginning.

DATE: Sep.10.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction