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Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 11
What are your other fears?

That my father would kick my ass, my gambling addiction would return, and my pet snake would disappear into the woods. I also feared I’d marry an angry, needy woman—which I did. Most of that doesn’t matter much anymore—Dad died young, my money dried up from gambling, and I don’t drive much with the Parkinson’s. But I did fix the woman when I found the love of my life, my third wife, Susan. As they say, if you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again…that’s precisely what I did.

Read Papa Cado by M.G. Crisci – God selected a humble, ordinary man named Arthur Mercado—known merely as Papa Cado by his four granddaughters—to take an extraordinary roller-coaster ride through a life filled with “little” tests.

DATE: Jun.04.2020 | CATEGORY: Biography