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Diary Entry #4 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
I Found Out the Hard Way There is No Such Thing as a “Free Ride.”

I was reeling from my divorce and dissolved friendships. He was a millionaire with an offer I couldn’t refuse—a spectacular trip to the Caribbean business class. My parents said it was a bad idea. I said: “I’m a grown woman. I can make my own decisions.” They were right. Before long, the dream vacation quickly escalated into a nightmare. I was used, abused, and frightened to death. Somehow, I managed to get the hell out of there, alive. I’m not proud of this part of my life, but I was deceived by a devil donning a mask. I’m Still Standing and I want women everywhere to understand that those who abuse you are cowards, don’t given them power they crave. Be brave, stand up for yourself and find a new happy life!

Still Standing Book Cover

Read Still Standing by Vicki Fitzgerald and M.G. Crisci, a remarkable story of resilience and survival, an honest portrayal of one woman’s life, and her determination for a new beginning.

DATE: Sep.23.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction