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Self-indulgent power-broker takes a journey through the dark side of life


By 23, the supremely confident Mary Jackson-Peale became one of the most influential theatrical agents on London’s prestigious West Side. But her reckless, self-indulgent lifestyle betrayed those she loved and made her a felon on the run.

To escape Scotland Yard, Mary fled to America with no money, no contacts, and the all-consuming guilt that she had caused her mother’s partner to be wrongly imprisoned for her indiscretions.

In America, Mary created a new persona while she sought redemption and searched for love. For one brief fleeting moment, Mary became Broadway’s most sought-after power broker and experienced unconditional with a handsome, romantic Venetian vintner.

Ironically, at the height of this new-found happiness, Mary’s world collapsed with a band that could be heard around the world.

DATE: Jan.28.2019 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction