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"I have dreamed of creating meaningful literature since that first award as a newspaper reporter, many, many years ago. But life sort of got in the way. Business career, marriage, kids. None of which I regret. All of which have come with enormous highs and the obligatory lows."

Stories that entertain. People you’ll remember. Literature that matters.

M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 20 books, based on true stories, across several genres, a former Fortune 500 senior executive, an award-winning journalist, an internationally-recognized expert in the field of consumer motivation, and a thought-provoking East-West social commentator.

He has been elected to Who’s Who in the World 24 times and is the recipient
of numerous lifetime achievement awards for his business, literary, and
cultural contributions.

For more than three decades, his multi-media presentations have been entertaining, informing, and inspiring audiences of 25 to 2,500, both remotely and in person.

International venues include the United Nations Book Club, Voice of America Radio, Radio Free Europe, PBS Television, the International Woman’s Air and Space Museum, Dublin Writers Conference, the Russian Cultural Centre and Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C., and the American Embassy and the American Center for Democracy in Moscow.

Domestically, M.G. has also been a featured speaker at college and universities, book clubs, central libraries, internet podcasts, and shared the stage with notables such as CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite, President George Bush Sr., and NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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