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Diary Entry #6 (by special guest Vicki Fitzgerald)
There’s No “Magic Bullet” for Depression.

Depression is something one can never truly understand unless you have experienced it first-hand. It’s like your soul is detached from your body, and you’re drifting from one day to the next. I felt a failure, but I wanted to be the old Vicki again. I wondered if she’d ever come back — she didn’t. A new me was born, wounded with invisible emotional bruises, but I was stronger and more determined to beat the demons. I’d hope that was all behind me, but more trouble, ten times worse, lay ahead.

Still Standing Book Cover

Read Still Standing by Vicki Fitzgerald and M.G. Crisci, a remarkable story of resilience and survival, an honest portrayal of one woman’s life, and her determination for a new beginning.

DATE: Oct.06.2020 | CATEGORY: Woman's Fiction