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Sometimes Controversial. Sometimes Educational.
Always Entertaining.

M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 16 books, based on true stories, across several genres, a former Fortune 500 senior executive, an award-winning journalist, an internationally-recognized expert in the field of consumer motivation, and a thought-provoking East-West social commentator.

He has been elected to Who’s Who in the World 24 times and is the recipient of numerous lifetime achievement awards for his business, literary, and cultural contributions.

For more than three decades, his multi-media presentations have been entertaining, informing, and inspiring audiences of 25 to 2,500, both remotely and in person.

International venues include the United Nations Book Club, Voice of America Radio, Radio Free Europe, PBS Television, the International Woman’s Air and Space Museum, Dublin Writers Conference, the Russian Cultural Centre and Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C., and the American Embassy and the American Center for Democracy in Moscow.

Domestically, M.G. has also been a featured speaker at college and universities, book clubs, central libraries, internet podcasts, and shared the stage with notables such as CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite, President George Bush Sr., and NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Current Presentations and Speeches


An Epic Tale of Female Accomplishment

A beautiful Russian teenage girl named Lilia Litvyak becomes the world’s first and deadliest female-fighter-pilot in a male-dominated society. Her unimaginable exploits—270 missions and 15 solo kills—made her Hitler’s worst public relations nightmare. Learn why, to this day, her extraordinary life story remains virtually unknown.

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Controversial, Bittersweet Life Story of a Musical Genius

The untold, true story of how China’s gifted violin virtuoso and composer, the patriotic Ma Sicong, went from being lauded as China’s musical treasure to an enemy of the state during Mao Zedong’s Revolution. The getle Ma also experienced the mysterious assignation of his father and one of his brothers before he fled to America under the watchful eye of the CIA. You will also learn how future Chinese administrations tried to whitewash its egregious behavior.

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Roosevelt and Stalin’s Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Russian Airman in America

During an 18-month period in 1943-44 in the tiny town of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 12 America Naval Pilots secretly trained hundreds of Soviet aces to fly one of the largest WW2 warplanes ever built. In the process, the interaction between the two teams became a historic human event, the details of which have only recently been declassified and discovered.

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High school dropout masterminds a $13 billion.

Watch an unscrupulous high school drop-out named Tino DeAngelis and his Mafia buddies fleece the American government out of $13 billion through a variety of unimaginably creative and violent schemes that halted trading on Wall Street and brought the venerable American Express Company to its knees before he disappeared into obscurity with billions.

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Building Mutual Trust and Understanding in Unlikely Places with Unlikely Collaborators

Learn how an American author with no Russian ancestry managed to create three critically-acclaimed books about Russian heroes, customs and traditions—in collaboration with hundreds of ordinary Russian citizens— and a major motion picture screenplay and stage play with an award-winning Russian producer/director, as skeptical Russian government officials and horrified FBI agents watched and wondered.

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How to Get the Most Out of the Rest of Your Life

Idea-rich, inspiration case study of how and why a retired, internationally-recognized Fortune 500 business executive with a 30+ year record of building consumer brands, reinvented himself as the critically-acclaimed author of 16 books based on true stories and real events. And, the important life lessons he learned along the way.

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One Traveler Discovers that Russia is Not Terribly Different From America

One curious American photo-journalistic takes you, his camera, and his smartphone recorder on an unguided tour of everyday life in today’s Russian Federation. Along the way, you’ll see what ordinary Russians see and what they think and feel, and few other surprising revelations, rarely if ever covered by the American Media.

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Ten Common Mistakes Most Writer’s Make

Examination of the ten common mistakes most early-stage and intermediate writers make while developing and writing their first book(s). Discussion offers practical advice on how to overcome those mistakes and/or create work-arounds to achieve a professionally polished, literary manuscript.

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Bittersweet Love Story about Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams, and Meant-to-Be’s.

The true story of the world’s most famous accordionist and the woman he loved for 79 years but never married. Despite becoming soul mates sharing unconditional hopes, dreams, and wishes, their lives take different courses. She married once, he twice, but they always found ways to stay in touch over the decades. In the end, they were buried in the same cemetery in New York City, not far from each other.

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Wit and Wisdom for the Heart and Soul

Inspirational tour through the life of a decent, humble, determined man who overcame all the extraordinary challenges God passed his way for almost seven decades, including 51 heart procedures, two code-blues, and late-stage Parkinson’s. The subject’s first-person wit and insight is intended put a smile on your face and make all your little aches and pains go away.

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