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International Review of Books

She Said. He Said. is a thriller the likes of which I've not encountered before. It starts by throwing you headfirst into the complex world of corporate affairs and dealings to show you the background of the main characters. At first, I found the actual business side of the story slightly too... Learn More

DATE: Aug.05.2019 | CATEGORY:


This little gem of a book is bursting with wise, pithy, and life profound advice that can help virtually anyone in need of a little emotional pick-me-up. If there’s one takeaway from this book, it’s that Papa Cado must have been a great man to be around. He had a lot of... Learn More

DATE: Dec.21.2018 | CATEGORY:

DV – 4 – Seamus

Donny and Vladdy is a sharp, funny, outrageous satire of Trump's America and Putin's
Russia. M.G. Crisci is America's Dario Fo.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

DV – 3 – The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Journal

M.G. Crisci delivers the Trump vs. Putin play of personalities with wit, laughs and imagination!

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

DV – 2 – The International Review of Books

A hilarious, and surprisingly thoughtful political satire that captures the essence of two of the world's most noteworthy characters. Donny and Vladdy is like watching two bulls in a boxing ring.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

DV – 1 – Manhattan Book Review

A political satire of politics and "frienemies." A must-read that delves into the thoughts of two of the world's most interesting minds, with a chuckle mixed in.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

OINY – 4 – Patricia Gitt

A splendid storyteller portrays his life-long experiences with the people, their struggles, triumphs, loves and jealousies that are New York. In the end, it is the author's self-effacing humor that communicates his enjoyment of the many twists and turns on the road of one colorful life.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

OINY – 3 – San Francisco Book Review

The author's humorous tales of childhood and pivotal years living in New York are both a joyous celebration and an unforgettable adventure. You'll be turning every page with a smile on your face.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

OINY – 2 – The International Review of Books

Only in New York is a captivating and thoroughly entertaining collection of stories about the real New York. You can feel the city and it's wonderful characters right in front of you as you read. Not to be missed by anyone who loves the city that never sleeps.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY:

OINY – 1

A series of engaging snapshots of a life lived across New York City by a born-and-raised New Yorker. The collection-, filled with a spirit to enjoy, covers the city's spectrum; its glamour and grit; it's humor and melancholy, but most importantly at their core, they are uniquely personal.

DATE: Nov.26.2018 | CATEGORY: