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She Said. He Said. is a thriller the likes of which I’ve not encountered before. It starts by throwing you headfirst into the complex world of corporate affairs and dealings to show you the background of the main characters. At first, I found the actual business side of the story slightly too technical, but soon I was mesmerized and completely pulled into it. I loved the character building, which was to the point from the beginning, adding subtle layers as the plot evolved. As for the actual story itself, at times I found myself grinding my teeth in frustration, but in a good way–I was fully immersed in, rooting for the ‘good guys’ and cursing the opposition only to be shocked by the next plot twist to reveal another angle to my black and white view of the situation.
Overall She Said. He Said.Int was so much more than a simple legal battle where the truth may not matter if you’ve got enough money. IT realistically conveyed the consequences of our actions.

DATE: Aug.05.2019 | CATEGORY: