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You are looking at one of the most unique historical pictures in the world!

The only known picture of Russian soldiers hoisting the American flag on American soil.
Circa May 9, 1945. Elizabeth City, NC.

Think about the endless anti-Russian tirades in today’s electronic and print media; the collusion with and the manipulation by the evil Red Machine.

Now imagine this…

Once upon a time, America and Russia were trusted allies in the battle against the tyranny of Hitler. And, for one 18-month period in 1943-1945, America built huge warplanes (called Nomads) for the Russians in Philadelphia, and U.S. Naval officers taught over 300 Russian airmen how to fly these planes out of the media spotlight in tiny Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Once training was complete teams of Russians, Americans and British airmen flew three dangerous routes to deliver these planes, and their pilots, to the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters. The Nomads flew hundreds of missions to open allied supply lines, losing only one of the 185 planes in the process.

Never before, and probably never again…300 Russian airmen and US Navy trainers pose for history on the tarmac in Elizabeth City, NC. Circa 1944.

I believe it would be worthwhile for the world to know more about the extraordinary partnership and humanity of this unique mission which caused men from different cultures and economic systems to become life-long-friends.

And, so I created Project Zebra. Stalin and Roosevelt’s Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Soviet Airmen in America. To add texture and richness, it includes over 200 rare pictures and documnts, many never before seen, like the one at the beginning of this blog.

I’d be honored if you’d like to learn more.

DATE: Oct.17.2018 | CATEGORY: Archived