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Welcome to a side of Wall Street you never see in the headlines.


Sandra Martini thinks she has it all: a storybook marriage, a loving family, a successful career in healthcare, and lots of corporate perks. When husband Victor meets Franklin Ryman, seemingly success Wall Street rainmaker, all that changes abruptly…and not for the better.

The morally bankrupt Ryman guarantees Victor no experience is necessary to become a Wall Street zillionaire, other than “Follow the Leader.” Smitten with the notion of becoming filthy rich at the age of 37, Victor waves goodbye to his carefully-cultivated career on Madison Avenue to launch his first questionable IPO (Initial Public Offering) with Ryman.

Sandra and Victor soon realize they are passengers on a morally-bankrupt roller coaster with an unbelievable cadre of Wall Street dark-side dealmakers known in the trade as “the lunatic fringe.”

DATE: Mar.04.2019 | CATEGORY: True Crime