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The Salad Oil King. Rip-off #24.
How to Create Obscene Profits in the Black Market.

During World War II every American contributed to the war effort by receiving and using ration stamps to ensure everyone shared the pain. But, there were those like Alfonso “Fonso” Gravenese and his Mafia cronies who made a handsome profit in the black marketing of goods and services through the use of counterfeit ration stamps.

Afonso’s take was an estimated $400 million in distributions, which made him wealthy enough to line his pockets and make major donations to the New York Catholic Charities Boys Club, which gave him an award for his philanthropy.

The Salad Oil King is the remarkable story—based on a true story—of how a streetwise, unscrupulous high school dropout eventually bilked the American government out of $13 billion before anyone even noticed. It is a classic American crime story of greed gone mad.

“A classic American crime story spun by a master storyteller.”
– San Francisco Book Review

“An intriguing book based on a true story that is both intimate and epic.”
– Manhattan Book Review

“Mesmerizing and enlightening. Great character development. Epic crime story. You’ll want to read it twice.”

DATE: Mar.18.2022 | CATEGORY: True Crime