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SLD – Ross R.

Based on a true story, this novel does not disappoint. Crisci, however, brings a mastery of his fiction writing skills to all areas of this novel.
The plot, authentic historical setting, pacing, dialogue, and character development excel. Absorbed in the story of Charlie and Fanny, readers additionally are privy to a time in the past they may not have lived, but feel like they are living now beside them. Readers will relate to their story, discovering a time when things were concurrently simpler and more difficult.
Thinly veiling the identities of Charlie and Fanny, Crisci has shared much more than if he had
written just a historical memoir. The novel illustrates enduring, unconditional love that
transcends decades and circumstances. This is a love rarely found, and one easily misunderstood.
It is a love that seeks only the well-being of the loved one, standing strong in all human
frailties. It is a tribute to this love that Crisci has so expertly crafted, allowing readers to
be part of the experience.

DATE: Apr.24.2013 | CATEGORY: