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Call Sign – Saul S.

I met M.G. Crisci at a friend’s daughter’s wedding. We sat and talked and I found him most interesting. During the conversation we talked about my love of books, especially historical. He mentioned that he had written an unusual book. M.G. was so engaging I thought why not give it a read. Well, all I can say is WOW. From the way he discovered the subject matter to how well it is written is just fantastic. Lilia is one of the more interesting subjects of WW2. What is especially important to me is that if not for M.G. Crisci I would have never heard of this wonderful women and her colleagues. Read this book and you will fall in love with this fascinating woman. M.G. Thanks. It’s the first wedding I went to that I got a gift.

DATE: Apr.24.2013 | CATEGORY: