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Sometimes, humor is anything but…

One picture can create decades of distrust. Decades of images creates mountains of distrust. Simply put, my generation has made a mess of the world order. And, we are not getting any better. But you young people around the world have a great opportunity to use social media for the greater cultural good. So, get off your ass and do something. One cultural kindness will get returned many times over. Promise.

Another way to look at it….Do you realize, you’ve been trained since you were a kid to distrust Russians? Don’t believe me, check this out.

1962 – Boris, Natasha, Rocky & Bowwinkle

2014 – Syndicated Newspapers

Ever wonder why Russians distrust Americans? Because they’ve been trained to do so. Check this out.


2Russian stereos

DATE: Sep.16.2014 | CATEGORY: Archived