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Save the Last Dance #7.
A Bittersweet Love Story about Two Soulmates, Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams.

Fanny and Charlie as they were in Cotton Club publicity photographs.
Fanny, 7, and Charlie, 8, circuitous soulmates in life, and beyond

They met in Little Italy. Fanny was seven; Charlie eight. At first, it was puppy love. Soon it became something more.

For the next 20 years, they were inseparable, pledging unrequited love now and forever.
Somehow, fame got in the way. The handsome Charlie became a musical superstar, in demand on stage and on the radio. Female star gazers flocked to his door. Charlie broke promises and shattered dreams.

Charlie’s photograph to his then latest love, Margie

Eventually, Charlie married twice. Fanny once. But, never to each other. Ironically, their love never wavered, as they found proper ways to stay in touch, despite their individual up and downs, including unhappy marriages, nervous breakdowns, and bouts with addictive prescription drugs.

In the end, Fanny did get her final wish: to be buried near Charlie in the same cemetery in New York City.

Wonder if the story is true? Fanny was my mother!

So…if you’re not afraid to shed a tear or two and can handle a proper love story that’s absent of tantalizing sex scenes and hip, cool innuendos, you might enjoy my ode to love entitled SAVE THE LAST DANCE. A Bittersweet Love Story about Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams.

“Superbly Crafted Ode to Love.”
– San Francisco Literary Review

“Pure and Simple. A Proper Love Story. They don’t make them like this anymore.”
– Kayla@ Good Reads

DATE: Sep.21.2021 | CATEGORY: Romance