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Papa Cado taught me a lot…Meet Frank from New Orleans

Writing PaPa Cado taught me volumes about what the human spirit can accomplish. After all, overcoming 46 heart procedures is a lot of adversity in one lifetime.

Is in that spirit I’d like you to meet Frank from New Orleans. He loves people, food, and most of all music. Unfortunately, Frank is confined to his bed most of the time in an assisted living facility. It will probably be his last home because of numerous health issues, including a case of emphysema that would make most men crumble.
Recently, Frank, attached to his oxygen tank, serenaded his fellow residents for with his favorite song, “Make Believe”. He sang for 1 minute and 26 seconds. I had the good fortune of capturing it on video. So to all those who become annoyed and troubled by life’s little twists and turns, I give you Frank…

DATE: Nov.07.2011 | CATEGORY: Archived