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Part 1.

Street-savvy, scam artist bilks the American public for $13 billion.
Defense plea, “Sorry, about that.”
Judge reduces sentence to 7 years.

High school dropout, Tino DeAngelis, explains to Federal officials that he was one of the “good guys” who donated generously to Catholic Charities, Boys Club of America, and other local causes with “some” of the funds he skimmed from three U.S. government programs designed to feed needy school kids, help families with federal food stamps, and provide our international allies with valuable soybean and cotton seed oil to aid their ravaged wartime economies.

Part 2.

Convicted felon organizes Bible classes in prison,
Gets 2 more years off for good behavior.
Not a dime ever recovered.

After certain business associates “disappear,” key officials are bribed, and hundreds of millions are never recovered, Tino finds God. He prays publicly to the Blessed Virgin for forgiveness and teaches Bible classes in jail. A giddy Parole Board declares the crook rehabilitated and gives him two years off an already lenient sentence for good behavior. Three years later, he creates another scam, and returns to prison.


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San Francisco Literary Review calls The Salad Oil King,
“A Classic Crime Story Spun by a Master Story-Teller.”
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DATE: Mar.12.2018 | CATEGORY: Archived