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A novel, and possibly a movie, about Project Zebra, a secret mission in Elizabeth City during World War II, is in the making.

California-based author M.G. Crisci, who has written two previous books about Russian-American adventures, was in Elizabeth City last month to research Project Zebra for his next historical novel.

Project Zebra refers to top secret training of Soviet pilots by a U.S.-backed operation to supply WWII allies with ships, tanks, planes, and arms for use in fighting the Germans. Its existence was disclosed about two decades ago when questions arose about the crash of a PBN-1 Catalina amphibious aircraft into the Pasquotank River on Jan. 11, 1945.

A mystery still exists about the mission. An international delegation visited Elizabeth City in April to resolve questions about where the bodies of three crewman from that crash were taken.

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