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Imagine a little-know piece of Heaven where the language is English, all credit cards are accepted, and the residents walk around with a smile on their face.

A stones’ throw from the English coastline – a two-and-a-half-hour ferry ride to be specific – sits the Isles of Scilly, five small high-speed internet connected islands, with a population of 2,300 people (in high season!).

If you’re looking for something new that’s old, something serene that’s fun, someplace to kick back and do nothing or chat up the locals in the Steamship coffee shop, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been more fortunate than most— having visited over 50 countries and hundreds of cities, but Scilly is where I plan to finish my next book, next summer.

They say one picture is worth a thousand words. So here we go.

Arrive in picturesque St. Mary’s by ferry. It’s the only town in the islands.


Let life-long Scillian, Peter, help you out of your boat as he welcomes you with his droll sense of humor.



About three minutes down the road to town, buy some super-creamy, hand-churned ice-cream.


Stop at the local’s favorite watering hole, the Mermaid, which serves some 85 different beers.


Get a drink and a smile from Tanya. She’s half English and half Russian but doesn’t speak or understand a word of Cyrillic.


Check into the picture book Atlantic Hotel, St. Mary’s only official hotel. (The rest are B&B’s). Doesn’t really matter when you check in or out. They’ll oblige.


After you unpack, walk down to Main Street—another three-minute walk—and do a little shopping. No need to worry about oncoming traffic.


While you’re in the shopping mode, pick up a local sea urchin or two. Payment accepted through the honor system only.


Don’t be surprised if the ships didn’t arrive today, and the island’s only minimarket is a little low on more traditional fare.


Time to take a break on an aged teakwood bench in the village green which is green 52 weeks a year.


Time to get going again. Stop by the island’s only bank to pick up a few quid.


Congratulate life-long St. Mary residents, Allison and Harriet. They just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.


Maybe say hello to Mary, and compliment her on her garden. It makes her feel good.


Don’t forget to say a prayer or two at the Star of the Sea Church. Father James loves to chat about this and that.


Check the week’s ferry schedule in case you want to know your options. Just remember the schedule is approximate by a few hours or a few days, so careful about connecting flights.


The days almost over, so perhaps a cup of coffee at the Steamship Company which sells ferry tickets and serves as the local’s coffee shop of choice.


It’s dinner time. Today’s fresh catch of codfish was superb. So maybe a little indoor alfresco dining (nights get nippy) and a touch of scotch.

Thank you for taking this photo-guided journey with me to the Isles of Scilly. I hope you enjoyed the local color and let’s continue to celebrate the sense of mystery and awe that can be found all over this amazing planet. There will be more journeys, and I will surely share them with you.

Speaking of journeys and missions, be sure to get the download of my latest book, Project Zebra!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and look for the next edition, from The World of M.G. Crisci.

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