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Controversial, new M.G. Crisci legal thriller, SHE SAID. HE SAID., feature selection at San Diego 54rd Annual Author Showcase.

Critically-acclaimed author, M.G. Crisci, Main Reception Hall, San Diego, CA

M.G. Crisci’s debut selection at San Diego’s 53rd annual Author Showcase was Project Zebra—the top-secret story of a joint Russian-American military mission intentionally buried as classified.

This year, Crisci’s latest book titled, She Said. He Said., has been made a featured selection at the City’s 54th annual Author Showcase, The book explores the seedy world of insurance payoffs for harassment claim silence.

The twist? The story explains a “version of the truth” held by the accused. In the end, the political thriller has more twists and turns than a John Grishman novel, and the only winners are heartbreak and disillusionment. The International Review of Books calls She Said. He Said. “a disturbing complex, subtle thriller, filled with one unexpected twist after another.”.

According to Crisci, his library of 13 original works, based on true stories, tackles “the subjects many authors prefer to avoid. I’m about originality, not commerciality.”

The San Diego Author’s Showcase has recognized outstanding local literary achievements since 1965. It runs the entire month of February.

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