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M.G. Crisci launches Russian speaking tour. Advocates deeper understanding between Russians and Americans

NEW YORK (October 16, 2013)— Author Matt Crisci returns to Moscow next week to speak at the American Center’s Library for Foreign Literature and the U.S. Embassy about his bestseller Call Sign, White Lily and the need for Russians and Americans to better understand each other. Crisci, a self-proclaimed common American with no Russian ancestry, has become an advocate for better relations between Russia and the United States. His fascination with Russia emerged as he researched Call Sign, White Lily—the story of Soviet pilot Lilia Litvyak, the world’s first female ace. Crisci’s passion for connecting Russians and Americans grew with the release this year of 7 Days in Russia—The Adventures of One American in Today’s Federation (Orca Publishing Co. 2013).

An accomplished business executive and expert on consumer behavior, Crisci’s research on Call Sign, White Lily and his growing support for better US-Russian relations resulted in invitations to speak in Moscow at the US Embassy on October 23rd and the American Center on October 25th.

“This is an excellent opportunity to not only share Lilia Litvyak’s incredible life of courage and sacrifice but to help build links and deeper understanding between Russians and Americans,” Crisci explained. “We simply don’t understand each other. And that’s a terribly waste for everyone.”

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