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7 Days in Russia presents an old adversary in a new light

NEW YORK (September 30, 2013)- Bestselling author Matt Crisci onde again feeds his growing appetite for all-thins Russian ith his latest work: 7 Days in Russia-The Adventures of One American in Today´s Federation.

This mesmerizing work explores the new Russia and its 145 million citizens through the bloundless curiosity of an average American. Set against the urban theater played out daily in Moscow, St Petersburg and Pushkin, Crisci works his way across the Russia beind today´s headlines and yesterday´s Cold War images to reveal a vibrant and welcoming people in the midst of yet another historic political and cultural transition.

7 Days in Russia (Orca Publishing Co.) reveals Russia and its people through a series of eassays and more than 150 unique color photos. A blend of traveloque and commentary, Crisci discovers how a century of pre-conceived notions have cast an unfair and incorrect image of Russia.
The country is not a ploitically repressed citadel filled with starving millions that survive day-to-day on an endless stream of vodka. Crisci instead reports that Rusians are a proud, engaging, cuurious and, yes, quirky people, working their way through a time-bending transition.

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