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Men will be men!

For one moment-in-time, a group of Russians and Americans worked and played together in America

The mission of the Top-Secret Project Zebra mission was simple.

Make 185 of the largest custom warplanes for Russia in Philadelphia. And have an elite group of US Naval pilots train 330 Russian aces and their crews to fly and maintain those planes in battles against the Germans and the Japanese. The virtually unknow mission was a huge, unpublicized success. Not a plane was lost in battle.

My recently released book, called strangely enough— Project Zebra. Roosevelt and Stalin’s top-secret mission to train 300 Soviet airmen in America— took about three years of personal research, scores of interviews, discovering never-before-seen memorabilia, and rummaging through recently declassified U.S. Government files.
Check out my Amazon page, and you’ll find critics and readers have been kind” It’s been called “one of the last great untold-stories of World War 2.”

But more importantly, Project Zebra has been called, “Heartfelt. Classy. History Done Right.” While the book has roots in World War 2, Project Zebra is really a story about human relationships. How the timeless values of understanding, respect, and trust can overcome language cultural stereotypes, and political misunderstandings. In other words, How Men Will Be Men.

The hairpin motor-scooter races around the runway.

The arduous trips to visit the Wright Brothers.

The dangerous helicopter rides at the amusement park.

The grueling U.S. flag weightlifting contest on VD Day.

There’s also more. A lot more, packed into 300 + pages and 200+ pictures and documents. Have fun.

DATE: Mar.12.2018 | CATEGORY: Archived