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Mary Jackson Peale gets glowing review from award-winning Russian director and writer


“I was really impressed by M.G. Crisci’s novel “Rise and fall of Mary Jackson Peale”. It’s extremely entertaining and useful at the same time. M.G.Crisci found the perfect combination of intriguing documentary facts and his own fictional imagination. It’s pretty rare when the writer can delicately combine these two elements in a way that they become interchangeable. This dramatic Mary Jackson Peale story perfectly demonstrates that nothing comes free in this life, and sometimes you have to pay a very high price for your own wishes to come true.”

Vladimir Alenikov,
Award-winning writer, film director

About Vladimir

For more than three decades, Vladimir Alenikov has been one of Russia’s most awarded and beloved personalities. His incredible creative output, both during and after the communist era, is unmatched for its creativity, diversity and commercial appeal.

As a multi-lingual artist, Alenikov has written, directed, produced and edited over 20 full-length feature films, including musicals, comedies, dramas in Russia and the United States, more than half of which have received awards at the word most prestigious international film festivals including the American Film Institute, Toronto, Milan, Montreal, London, Quebec, Vienna, Moscow, St. Petersburg International Festival of Festivals, San Francisco, Belgrade, Strasbourg, Kiev, Gijon (Spain), Bratislava (Czech Republic) and others.

He is also a creative force in the live theater, having produced and directed more than 10 shows. Vladimir wrote, produced and directed the first Soviet-American stage musical, Peace Child, which premiered in America and subsequently was performed in 32 other countries.

To round out his amazing creative career, he is also the author of 12 best-selling books, an award-winning documentary cinematographer, and an accomplished television producer with a number of series to his credit.

He has been Artistic Director of the Russian Musical Stage Theater, Professor of Film Directing at UCLA, President of the Russian Committee of Children’s Cinema, President of the International Jury at many film festivals, and Cultural Advisor to the Michael Gorbachev Foundation. Currently he is the Artistic Director of the oldest famous Russian film studios—Russian Central Studio of Documetary Films ( and Professor of Film Directing at VGIK, the most prestigious Russian Film School.

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DATE: Sep.17.2015 | CATEGORY: Archived