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“Gone, but Not Forgotten!”

Lilia’s crash site as it sits today in the middle of a barren field in the Eastern Ukraine.

What Amazon readers are saying about Call Sign, White Lily.

“Deeply recommended to anyone who cares about justice, freedom, and the gifts God has given women.”

“The life story of a woman who most people have never heard of will keep you turning pages.”

“One of my all-time favorite books.”

“Written in a way I felt I was there. Learned so much about this tragic time in history.”

“Wow!! It presents a human side to the Russian people during WWII.

“An entertaining lesson in history.”

“Thanks to Mr. Crisci, Lily will now live forever.”

“Good reading from a different point of view. Would make a great movie.”

“Marvelously told. Read this book and you will fall in love with this fascinating woman.”

“Outstanding story of courage and determination I couldn’t put this book down.”

AUTHOR FYI. If you look at the Amazon reader graph you’ll notice a “one-star” rating. Normally, I’d say you can’t please everyone. But this review was so bizarre, it was worth noting. “Purchased this book for a friend. Recommended by her travel agency. Ignore the rating since I’ve never read it. Thank you”

DATE: Jun.04.2022 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII