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God never gives people more challenges than they can handle.


God gives a humble, ordinary man named Arthur Mercado a bunch of “little” tests: including 51 heart procedures, 32 stents, 36 cancer treatments, a five-bypass, 2 outer-body experiences, and advanced Parkinson’s, among others.

Arthur passes every test with a smile and a wink, comforted by the belief that God will never give him more tests than he can handle. I had the honor of knowing Arthur, who passed recently at 72, peacefully, among family and friends, after 31 years of little tests.

Fortunately, he left a legacy for all of us. Arthur’s way of looking at life was insightful, honest, and rift with a one of a kind wit. His unassuming little pocket book is designed to carry with you every day. 

As Arthur’s dear friend, Dr. Ozzie Gontag said, “Papa Cado’s Book of Wisdom will put a smile on your face and make all your little aches and pains go away.”

DATE: Mar.11.2019 | CATEGORY: Biography