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First, the Godfather. Then, Wall Street. Now, The Salad Oil King.

“Fonso” Gravenese was Vito Corleone plus Gordon Gekko on steroids. 

Unscrupulous yet loyal.  Violent yet romantic.  Greedy yet benevolent. An unassuming, bespeckled, high school dropout who swindles the U.S. Government and Wall Street to the tune of $13 billion.

Based on real life events, read how Fonso graduates from childhood pranks to stealing millions of dollars of Federal money, to bringing Wall Street to its knees. But can he really get away with it?

The Salad Oil King is a uniquely American tale of willing corruption and greed gone mad.

San Francisco Literary Review called Salad Oil King, “An American Crime Classic Spun by a Master Storyteller.”

DATE: Apr.29.2019 | CATEGORY: True Crime