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Everything you wanted to know about Communism (in 60 seconds!)

Recently on my second trip to Russia, I was assisted in Moscow by the articulate guide, Sergei. Here are the two of us on the Metro discussing what ails the world. (Sergei is to the left, I’m the guy with the San Francisco 49ers hat).


Not long after a fellow passenger snapped the picture, Sergei and I were walking the grounds of the Kremlin. I pointed to a bland building built during the Nikita Khrushchev era. I asked what it was like to live under Communism. He smiled, “You really wish to know?” I responded affirmatively. He then rattled off the “7 Principles of Communism.” When i picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I asked if he might repeat some of what he had said for the camera.

He nodded with a twinkle in his eye , and then repeated precisely the same words, with precisely the same inflections, in precisely the same one minute and four seconds. “In Russia, once you are taught, you never forget.”

Who says Russians do not have a sense of humor?

DATE: Jun.11.2012 | CATEGORY: Archived