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Elvis, John Cash, Jerry Lee and me

 Memphis, TN. March 2012.

Had a great time in Memphis.  Did a book presentation and newspaper interview, and met some great people. Also discussed the possibility of a Call Sign, White Lily movie with a Hollywood Producer-Director who spends part of the year in Memphis. More about that in news and press section in a few days.

While that was all good, the absolute highlight of the trip was my tour of Sun Records. For those of you that are not familiar with the Sun label, a young man by the name of Sam Phillips started the place in 1953. He discovered four of the greatest rock and roll singers ever, the Memphis sound as it was called. The guys names were Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. One day, they did a little jam session in the modest studio. They became known as the million dollar quartet. Sam died in 2003, but left a wish that all should remain as it was.

As I walked around, I was allowed to take some really cool pictures. In picture #2 I’m holding the actual microphone that Elvis Presley used to record his first record, My Happiness. In picture #3 I’m sitting at the piano seat the quartet used during their famous jam session. Picture #4 is the actual soda pop machine that the legends used. Picture #5 is me outside the entrance Sun Studios. It is amazing how such a  small place could change the face of music in America forever.

 Once I finished at the studio, I went for some lunch at the Arcade Restaurant near Main Street in downtown Memphis. That’s picture #6. Elvis had breakfast there whenever he was in town. In fact, picture #7 was his booth. They let me have my breakfast there. What a hoot! Ham, eggs and Elvis.

Who do I have to thank for this magical step back in time? The world’s first female fighter pilot, my Russian friend Lilia Litvyak. God certainly works in wondrous ways.

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