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Eastern Ukraine: The people’s side of the story (warning: graphic image)

A recent email from my friend, Yelena, living surviving in Eastern Ukraine.

“Lugansk (our region center), Donetsk, Snezhnoye (a little town 5-10 km away from Krasny Luch) and some other places are severely bombed and shelled. I can hear explosions out of my window, as well as the roar of Ukrainian aircrafts. (The Ukrainian Army doesn’t use planes? But I can hear it at this very moment). They are bombing civil houses, kindergartens, hospitals, even the maternity hospital. Hundreds of civilian people have been killed, among them a lot of little children. They may say whatever they like, but it is true!!!!!

Thank goodness, our town hasn’t been bombed yet, but we are blockaded. For several months we haven’t got pensions or wages. Food is disappearing in shops, and what has left is very expensive. Half of the residents of Krasny Luch have fled to Russia, but now it is very dangerous to cross the border, because it is being shelled by the Ukrainian Army. Some people have been killed on the Russian territory, those who lived near the border.

aircraft raid

Donetsk Center

Inna Kukurudza, Lugansk

My friends Lena and Ira (you met them in my house) have escaped, too. Vera (you lived in her apartment), her elderly parents and her daughter Karina are here, but Vera’s son and his family are in Russia. This “awful Russia” and this “awful Putin” help our refugees with shelter, medical care and work, while our “new democratic government” is killing them.

While working at our book, I told you about the difference between the Eastern and Western Ukraine. Most of the residents in Western Ukraine are strongly against our countrymen, they hate them, most of them are descendants of Ukrainian fascists who fought against the Soviet Union together with the fascist Germany. I advised you to find some information about the OUN and UPA – the Nazi Ukrainian organizations of that time.

America and Europe are inclined to look for the Russian trace everywhere. Isn’t it more correct to look for the American trace? Poroshenko is Obama’s puppet. When you visited our region, did you see any terrorists? Any bandits? We are usual people, and you wrote about it. We just don’t want to live under the fascist government, we want to speak our native language, and in our region it is Russian. We want to work and get fair salary for our work. We want to live and let others live, to bring up our children and be happy.

I don’t know when it will all end, and how we are going to survive. I am afraid, we are going to have very difficult times. Moreover, we have a little child, he is only two years old, and he needs good food. I am really scared.  I am sending you some more fresh photos. They are awful, but it is true.”

Reported by M.G. Crisci 




DATE: Aug.27.2014 | CATEGORY: Archived