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East Ukraine, the people’s point of view.
New York Times, Washington Post, et al media, please take note!

In case you missed it…the 2014 reporters without borders study on truth in media ranked our United States a disappointing #46, and declining. Put another way, that means 45 countries do a better job of reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Why? Probably lots of reasons, but, believe it or not, many around the world believe we’re a touch arrogant, have little cultural sensitivity, prefer to talk (even pontificate) rather than listen, walk loudly and carry a big stick, and carry a bundle of incorrect historical baggage.

Despite having written two books about Russia, its heroes and its culture, and a reasonable long career in consumer communications and motivational behavior, I have no problem admitting many, maybe even most, academicians, historians and politicians are far smarter and wiser than I am.

That is why I thought you might like to read a few words from the heart written by frustrated East Ukrainians crying out to be heard. They would like you to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.



“I was surprised to find out that many Americans, especially young people, know so little about the WWII. They don’t even know that the Soviet Union lost about 27 million citizens during that war, that our country played the main role in defeating the German fascism. Some of them even think that the war was between the USA and Germany, and the Soviet Union fought on the side of Hitler. Such ignorance is unbelievable! Almost every Soviet family lost someone during the war.”

IGOR, 35


“Hopefully, simple American people understand that Russia doesn’t want to unleash any war! All people in the world want to live peaceful life, have good jobs, bring up children, enjoy life, love each other. We don’t want to fight, to kill anyone and die! It is so senseless and so cruel!”

VERA, 57

“The people of Donbass didn’t begin this fratricide war! We didn’t want it! But we can’t afford the nationalist government of Kiev to rule us and tell us what to do, what language to speak, what heroes to cherish! Bandera is not our hero!

“Members of OUN and URA killed people of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, killed those who liberated them from the Nazi slavery. It is incredible that now these same Ukrainian and Polish nationalists try to rewrite the history, to convince the young generation in their rightfulness.

“So many people, and even innocent children, have been killed during this awful year. The Ukrainian Army shelled and bombed schools, kindergartens, hospitals, maternity hospitals, dwelling houses. It is inhuman! Now Ukraine has blockaded our region, we don’t get pensions or salaries, most mines and factories are ruined, people don’t get money, they don’t live – they are trying to survive.

“And after all that they want us to be part of this country, to resign ourselves to the control of this government!”




“People never learn! The world suffered the most terrible war in the history of mankind – the World War II. So many victims, so much grief. But they seem to have forgotten the terrible lessons of that war. In my most dreadful nightmares I couldn’t imagine that our own government would kill peaceful people!

“So many tragedies – but the whole world has got blind! They call us terrorists! Old people, little children, pregnant women, who have to hide themselves in cellars from Ukrainian bombs! Do you know how scary it is? How can you support the government that kills its own citizens? If you don’t understand it now, do you think it will never happen to you?
“The world has got mad if such things are possible in the XXI century, in the middle of Europe!”



“When America survived the awful disaster of September 11, the whole world sympathized with them. When Japan and Nepal suffered from the earthquake, people from different countries tried to help them. But when the unjust war came to Donbass, when millions of innocent people have to hide and escape from their own houses, when thousands of people are killed only because they want to speak their native language and live their own peaceful life – the whole world call them terrorists and “underpeople.”

DATE: May.22.2015 | CATEGORY: Archived