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Summit #10:
Donny and Vladdy discuss east-west Ukraine conflict.

A horrified Donny sits on a US weapons box next to a dismayed Vladdy in the once ultra-modern Donetsk International Airport in Eastern Ukraine.

Donny denounces terrorism of all kinds. Putin admonishes Donny’s lack of sensitivity to international matters. Donny disagrees, explaining he is “best friends” with the leaders of every major country in Europe and Asia.

Vladdy could care less; he says America’s superficial understanding of the Ukraine conflict is part of the reason they are where they are. Trump disagrees, pointing out he receives all his international information from the digital edition of the New York Times. The war of words continues.

Fortunately, because of our numerous Russian-American cross-cultural initiatives during the past decade, our sources have provided exclusive access to the unredacted transcripts of each summit as well as a Kremlin-approved illustration that captures the misguided empathy at the Donetsk Airport meeting.

So, if you pride yourself on knowing the real facts behind today’s headlines, you might want to pick up a copy of DONNY AND VLADDY. Politically Incorrect, Curiously Candid Conversation Between the World’s Two Most Controversial Leaders.

DATE: Aug.19.2019 | CATEGORY: Humor/Wit