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Summit #6:
Donny and Vladdy discuss American creativity.

Vladdy is fascinated by America’s historical ability to blend creativity and capitalism to maintain a robust economy. His goal is simple: to determine what Google innovations could apply to Russia’s brand of Social Democracy.

Donny decides the best way to demonstrate American creative exceptionalism is to sit a holographic rowboat in a Google conference room in Silicon Valley headquarters. There, Donny introduces Vladdy to Denise, a talking vending machine who captures their DNA and prepares customized non-GMO beverages.

As Donny crows, Vladdy points out that Google co-founder Sergey Brinn was Russian and born in Moscow. And unhappy Donny ignores the comment as he continues his bellicose diatribe.

Fortunately, because of our numerous Russian-American cross-cultural initiatives during the past decade, our sources have provided exclusive access to the unredacted transcripts of the Google Silicon Valley meeting as well as an FBI-approved illustration that captures the essence of America’s creative exceptionalism.

So, if you pride yourself on knowing the real facts behind today’s headlines, you might want to pick up a copy of DONNY AND VLADDY. Politically Incorrect, Curiously Candid Conversation Between the World’s Two Most Controversial Leaders.

DATE: Aug.12.2019 | CATEGORY: Humor/Wit